Welcome to 2 Stars and a Wish... 


Our names are Matthew Murray and Katherine Mitchell. This is our literacy website and we hope that you find it useful. 

On 2 Stars and a Wish we have tried to include a load of bits and bobs that you can use with your class, club or own children.


The activities on this website are aimed primarily at upper KS2 but I'm sure that they could be adapted to suit a lower KS2 class. 


Please check out the songs section. It has loads of a ideas that you can use in your guided reading sessions. Pop songs are a a great way to to get the children in your class excited about literacy. They are a great way to get children to empathise with words, which in our opinion is half the battle.


Pop songs are also a useful way to encourage children to think of literacy as being more than just books. Children should understand how language is used to convey meaning in every medium, especially song.

If you would like to hear a little about how you can make your own song-based activities click here for a link to blog post written for the Copyright Licensing Agency. 

If you have any comments or requests for songs please head to the contact section by clicking here.

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