Poetry: In this section of '2 Stars and a Wish' you will find activities and comprehension questions for a range of poems. They are filed under 'POEM COLLECTIONS' in order of the dates they were uploaded (so 'Collection #1' was the first group of songs to be uploaded)


New Beginnings

Tony Walsh

Tony Walsh's 'New Beginnings' is a lovely poem for Year 6s about to head to high school.


1) It could be used to inspire Y6s to write a poem about how they feel about moving on to high school. They things that they are worried about; the things that are hopeful for.

2) You could get the children in your Year 5/6 class to write a similar style poem to children in the infants. A poem expressing wisdom on how to best enjoy the juniors and what to look forward to.


1) Find and copy one word that means 'a part of a building that you can use'. (1 mark)

2) 'If you keep a burningurge to learn' - what does the phrase 'burning urge' mean in this context? (1 mark)

3) Find and copy one word that means 'goal'. (1 mark)

4) Explain why the author chose the title 'New Beginnings'. (1 mark)

5) How does the author feel about high school? Use evidence to support your answer (3 marks)

6) Summarise why the author wrote this poem. (1 mark)

Click here for a link to the poem.

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

Prinace Ea

This is a really great poem about our use of social media, and how it's captures our attention at the expense of us communicating in more meaningful ways.

Persuasive Writing

If you are doing any persuasive writing on the topic of 'Social Media' then this poem is a wonderful stimulus as it lays out the negative impacts that the technology has upon all of our lives. Prinace Ea's poem is very relatable so most children in Y5 & Y6 will be able to access it; it also has some wonderful phrases that the children could adapt to include in their writing.

Hope it's useful.


Ciaran Carson

Fear by Ciaran Carson is a wonderful poem for dicussing worry and anxiety with children. The poem, written in 1948, sees the author list the things that he worries about; these range from small everyday worries, to even the fear that 'gremlins' have colonised his brain.

The poem is easy enough to access and offers and opportunity for children to discuss the things that they might worry about.


As a class, list little things that we all worry about, possibly things that our minds run away with and that can seem a lot more worrying that they actually should be. Write these up as a poem in the same style as 'Fear', by starting each line with 'I fear...'.

Extension: afterwards the children can then have a go at coming up with their own.

I couldn't find a reading of the poem on YouTube, so I've added a children's information video on anxiety in the box on the left. Hope it's useful!

Click here for a link to the the poem.

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