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In this section you'll find guided reading comprehension questions for a range of resources found online. Each one will come with a link to the website.


Many of the resources will be linked to a 'Newsround' article. This UK media outlet is run by the BBC and is aimed at children. Discussing the news with children is evermore important these days, as we live in a world that is changing fast and is in many ways facing difficult challenges that children ought to have at least some awareness of. 

Click on the 'Link' button, or the pictures for each activity to get to the article!

Green Goodness

What is a Vegan?



1) Find and copy one word that means 'to keep away from'. (1 mark)

2) According to the text, how is a vegan diet different to a vegetarian diet? (1 mark)

3) What kind of text is this? (1 mark)

4) How do you know the amount of people who say they are vegan has grown? (1 mark)

5) Summarise the key reasons for having a vegan diet? (3 marks)

6) Why do some vegans call their diet a 'plant-based diet'? (1 mark)

7) According to the text, what might a downside of a vegan diet be? (1 mark)

8) Which sub-heading seeks to explain why more people are becoming vegan? (1 mark)

9) Why should people go vegan? (3 marks)

Rope Course in Summer Camp

Why Shouldn't Boys Cry?NEWSROUND


1) What prompted Newsround to write this article? (1 mark)

2) What scientific reasons does the article give for crying? (3 marks)

3) Can crying be good for you? (1 mark)

4) Why might boys not want to be seen crying? Use evidence to support your answer. (3 marks)

5) Find and copy a group of words that mean 'to keep something in'. (1 mark)

6) Why did the author choose to include the views of Doctor Virginia? (1 mark)

7) How does the author encourage the reader to get involved with the article? (1 mark)

8) What is 'masculinity'? (1 mark)


Vesak Festival



1) Find and copy one word that means 'to think about deeply'. (1 mark)

2) How does the writer direct encourage the audience to read on? (1 mark)

3) Why is the country 'Nepal' important to this article? (1 mark)

4) 'It's believed that Siddhartha Gautama realised that wealth and luxury did not guarantee happiness.' - how does the phrase 'It's believed' affect the meaning of the statement above? (1 mark)

5) In your own words, what is 'enlightenment'? (1 mark) 

6) Give two ways in which people celebrate Vesek. (2 marks)

7) How does the festival of Vesek bring out the best in people? Use evidence to support your answer. (3 marks)

Children Running

Summer Holidays



1) Find and copy one word that means 'someone who takes part in something'. (1 word)

2) How has the author organised the text? (1 mark)

3) 'With a bit more time on your hands, you might decide to take the opportunity to do something to help the environment or raise awareness of climate change.' - what does the phrase 'With a bit more time on your hands' suggest about this activity? (1 mark)

4) 'The author care about the environment' - true or false? Give evidence for your answer. (3 marks)

5) What is the overall purpose of this text? And, how do you know (2 marks)

6) How does the author try to get the reader involved in the article? (1 mark)

7) Which of the activities would be the hardest to do? Give reasons for your answer (1 mark)

Illustrated Family




1) Why might Kylie Jenner have been criticized for choosing to pierce her daughter's ears? (2 marks)

2) Find and copy one word which means 'permission'. (1 mark)

3) Summarise why ear-piercing under 16 should be banned. (1 mark)

4) Which chain store was in trouble for their approach to ear-piercing? (1 mark)

5) Find and copy a group of words that means 'how people feel'. (1 mark)

6) A few years ago, a petition calling for the UK to ban ear piercing for babies and toddlers got 86,000 signatures, attracting 35,000 names in less than a week. - WHy has the author chosen to include the phrase 'in less than a week'? (2 marks)

Artist Performing on Stage




1) In the first paragraph, how does the writer show the audience that they are excited about 'Eurovision'? (1 mark)

2) Give two ways in which the song contest has changed since it began. (2 marks)

3) '...the Eurovision Song Contest kicked off on Tuesday night' - what does the phrase 'kicked off' mean in this context? (1 mark)

4) Why do the so-called 'big five' get treated differently? (1 mark)

5) do they get treated differently? (1 mark)

6) Why might people think the UK are not very good in the song contest? (1 mark)

7) Find and copy a group of words that mean the same as turn on and watch something'? (1 mark)

8) Explain how you know that the song contest is important. Use evidence to support your answer (3 marks)

Fluffy Clouds

Climate Change


Quick 3-Mark Question

1) Do schools do enough to teach children about climate change?

Halftone Rocket




1) What is SpaceX? (1 mark)

2) Find and copy one word that means 'to fly high in the air' (1 mark)

3) Why is this space launch important? (1 mark)

4) What are SpaceX's plans for the future? (1 mark)

5) Why was this test flight more successful than the last? (1 mark)

6) It took off, delivered a satellite into orbit and then, incredibly, landed all three of its booster rockets back to Earth. - Why has the author chosen to include the word 'incredibly' here?

British Pound Coins

Child Poverty



1) What has prompted Newsround to publish this article? In other words, what new information has become available(1 marks)

2) Find and copy a group of words which mean 'to put money into something. (1 mark)

3) How does the author explain that it is sometimes hard to work out who is in poverty? (1 mark)

4) How does the government say they are helping to end child poverty? (2 marks)

5) Do people think the government could do more? Explain your answer (2 marks)

6) Why would child poverty becoming 'normal' cause so much alarm? (2 marks)

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